ECMM 2006



European Conference on Molecular Magnetism


October 10-15, 2006

Hotel dos Templários

Tomar, Portugal

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Olivier Kahn Medal
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 Guidelines for Oral presentations


Oral Presentations:   ECMM-Orals-12Set.pdf


The speaking/question period times for 30 minute and 20 minute, oral presentations are 25/5,  and 15/5, minutes respectively. You are expected to notify the session chair of your presence just before the start of the session so that he/she knows you are present. Authors and session chair persons are asked to strictly follow these time limits.

If you need to make changes or withdraw your abstract/title from the program before the conference, please contact malmeida @ ECMM will offer only computerized projection facilities for oral presentations, including an LCD projector, a computer and a screen. Presentations must be made in Electronic Form (PowerPoint, PDF, etc.).

Presentations will not be  allowed from Personal Laptops. All oral presenters are required to submit an electronic version of their presentation by 8:00 pm of the day prior to their presentation on site in the Speaker Preparation Office located adjacent to the Main Lecture Room. Presentations must be submitted in Microsoft Power Point format (but may be saved as a PDF). It is strongly recommended that presenters save their Power Point presentations with True Type fonts attached. Acceptable transfer media include: CD and USB flashdrive (memory sticks). All presentations will be scanned for any viruses and subsequently loaded on the main projector computer for the following day's presentations. Any changes to a file prior to its presentation must be made through the Speaker Presentation Office. Authors are strongly encouraged to bring an additional electronic copy for added security against unanticipated software/hardware anomalies.

Presentations  prepared on platforms other than Windows (Mac, etc.) should be checked  by the Author for compatibility with the Windows Platform  prior to the Presentation. Animations and movies in Microsoft Windows Media file (wmf) and DivX format will be possible.


 Guidelines for Poster presentations

Poster Presentations:   ECMM-Posters-22Set.pdf

All posters are required to conform to Portrait Orientation. Failure to follow this requirement will mean that the poster will not fit on the allotted board.

Poster Board dimensions = 0.90 m wide x 1.10-1.30 m high. If printing on one page, use size A0 PORTRAIT ORIENTATION (0.84 x 1.19 m). Alternatively, a number of smaller sheets can be used to create a larger collage, but do not go beyond a maximum 'layout' height of 1.1m.The Organization will provide boards and materials to fix your poster.


                       Prize for the Best ECMM's Posters

ECMM will be the occasion to display beautiful results in an appealing manner in the poster presentation sessions. No doubt that the development of cooperation and integration in Europe will give rise to brand new outstanding scientific outputs. All the participants should be prepared to participate in the competition for the best ECMM's posters (outstanding results, appealing presentation, cooperative research). Nothing to do, except preparing and presenting in Tomar excellent posters.
A best posters committee will distinguish the laureates of the best poster presentation.
The prize-giving will take place during the ECMM's closing ceremony.