ECMM 2006



European Conference on Molecular Magnetism

October 10-15, 2006

Hotel dos Templários

Tomar, Portugal

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Travel information


Tomar is located circa 120 km North of Lisbon in central Portugal (road map)


Hotel dos Templários is located near the town centre, (city map).


Tomar can be easily reached from Lisbon by car, train and bus. However for better convenience the organization will provide Bus transportation from Lisbon airport to the conference site (~80 min ride) on Tuesday October 10 during the afternoon and early evening, and return from Tomar to Lisbon on Sunday October 15 during the morning. These buses will be scheduled according to the arrival and departure of most flights, as it will be announced in due time. Participants are advised to arrange their flights arriving at Lisbon during the afternoon of 10, so that they can attend reception starting at 19H00 and departing Lisbon not before the end of the morning of 15.

Last Conference Bus from Lisbon Airport on Tuesday is expected to departure at 19h00.


In case you decide to come by car, you should exit the highway A1 at the point Torres Novas and then follow the road signs.


The train to Tomar departures from Gare do Oriente, which is very close to the Airport. You can take a taxi (5 min- around 5 Euro) or Carris Bus number 44 destination "Gare Oriente". Late trains on Tuesday 20h20,21h22,23h22(1h55min trip).


A taxi from Lisbon Airport to Tomar costs approximately 115 €, add 20% for night period (21h-  6h) and weekends. We recommend that you ask the driver the price before taking the Taxi.


There are buses to Tomar,  departing from Lisbon next to the Subway and train stations in Sete Rios.